M&M Solutions Ltd is specialized in IT hardware equipment, Such as Cisco, HP, EMC ,Polycom, Huawei, etc. Exports to USA , Europe, Middle East , Asia etc.

Our professional staff will help make sure you get the assistance you need through every step of the process.

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About us

M&M Solutions Ltd Founded in 2016 , with 8 years experience in this industry , has been a leading provider supplying networking equipment. We focus on dealing Cisco, HP, EMC, Polycom, Huawei.. etc,

We have been building a whole and perfect business field including all our customers and our suppliers.

Customer Support – Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

M&M Solutions Ltd was found provide a value with new equipment with our professional service, knowledgeable sales. We understand the need for better pricing, responsive quotes, timely deliveries and honest dealing. M&M Solutions established suppliers around the world to ensure that the products we source are obtained at competitive prices. we will ensure you get the best pricing in the marketplace


We buy or sell network equipment such as routers, switches, Security, etc.

M&M Solutions provides products from Tier One manufacturers such as Cisco, and HP as well as many needs of our customers. All of our offerings have proven and reliable track records in solving the most complex IT challenges in their respective areas. We also offer support, installation, repair and maintenance on many of these networking products. Our customized solutions translate into cost-effective and reliable answers to your networking needs.